Facial Animator: Shipped Titles (some not credited)

Nikki Christie

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CG artist continually looking to advance skills in Rigging/Technical Animation with a
particular focus on Facial Performance. 6 years of experience across various roles within
a professional studio environment. Currently employed as Lead Facial Animator within the
Games industry.

Experience working as part of a team on animated features, commercials, games and games cinematic projects. Experience working with both mocap and keyframe animation. Solid skills in lipsync and facial animation, with experience animating and creating FACS based rigs. Proficient in both Python and MEL scripting, with experience creating various tools widely used by animators on both feature productions and games. 





2017 -Facial Animator

2016 -Lead Technical Animation Support

2014-2015- Junior Rigging TD
Render Support 

CG Intern

Rigging Workshops 1 + 2

2013- BA Hons Animation

2009- Advanced Higher Art, Higher Computing

Nikki Christie
 Facial Animator/ Set-Up Artist 


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