Animation: Pose Practice

Animation: Pose practice

So I’ve decided to brush up my animation skills. Today I’ve started with a half hour pose, to loosen up. I grabbed this still from Pokemon (the first episode) and tried to match it as close as possible in 3d. Bit tricky getting 3d to match 2d, but not bad for a first attempt. I’m using the free Jin and Joe rigs from Decent rigs, some of the controls are a bit hard to decipher, and I couldn’t get much flexibility from the mouth rig (it’s all blendshape combos)

A new habit I’ve gotten into with posing is to render an alpha channel as I go. This helps me check the silhouette out, to see how the pose reads. Pretty happy with Joe here- you get his emotion from the alpha pretty clearly. Jin could be read a few ways though- she could be comforting him, reassuring him- the pose doesn’t scream “ANGRY”. Something to work on!

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