Jellyfish update

In preparation for the new showreel, I've finally got around to finishing the Jellyfish rig that I started some... almost 2 years ago?!

The rig is built up of bits and bobs of rigging knowledge from various places, but a special thanks is needed for Suchan of the Puppeteer Lounge. The squash and stretch you can see on the body of the jellyfish was derived from the methods he taught me in the Bouncing Ball lessons from Rigging Workshop 1.

I've gone back and made this rig much more animator friendly, as well as adding a dynamics option for the tendrils, and some other cool rigging stuff.

The only thing I'd like to do now is to tweak the skinning- what's on there right now is default smooth skinning. Once I get that cleaned up, I'll do a proper rig demo.


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