Arm Auto Rig Progress

For a few nights this week I've jumped back onto an old project that I'd sort of abandoned due to long hours at work.

The nzc Arm Builder does just that- builds an arm. All that's needed before running is the chain- Shoulder to Wrist (with good naming convention)

The tool has a simple UI for the user to select which side they're working with- left or right. User then selects the Shoulder joint and runs the tool from the "Build Arm!" button.

The resulting arm has FK and IK functionality, with a switch to choose between them.

The IK arm is stretchy, and now includes an (awesome) Elbow Lock feature.

I'm pretty happy with this tool atm, but I'm sure some bugs will pop up when I start to use it in production. Who doesn't love a good bug brainstorm, though?!

There are a few things I'd like to add in future. I'm currently working on a separate Ribbon Builder tool- once I crack the python for that, it'd be cool to have ribbons integrated into this Arm setup.

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