Prop Tool - Simple AutoRig

So, tonight I finally got to creating a tool that has existed as a post-it on my desk for months. Much to my surprise, this handy wee tool took less than 2 hours!

Sample rig

The tool is a very simple prop auto rig, which can be used on props which require no moving parts

eg. a box, a pencil, a cup... anything that will only need to move on its own as a whole without deforming.

To use the tool, simply load in your mesh for a prop, give it a name, and run the tool. As if by magic, you very quickly have a little rig.

The rig has a main control, which can be used to translate, rotate, and scale the prop. This control has 2 offset groups, for clean constraints and flexibility when animating. During the build, the tool also cleans up the geometry (history, transforms), and cleans up your outliner for you.

Outliner Hierarchy

Next steps for this one is to create a (slightly) more advanced prop autorig, that can create controls for various pieces of mesh within one prop (still non deforming eg: a box with a removable lid etc) Need to brainstorm on that one a bit!

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