Puppeteer Lounge- Rigging Course 2

After enjoying the Introduction to Rigging course from PL, I decided to follow it with Workshop 2: Cartoon Character Setup. Again I bought the offline version of the course to allow me to pick up the classes sporadically.

I made a start at these classes a good few months ago, but am only just recently finding the time to pick them up again. It's been so long actually, that I can see PL have since updated the course haha! So I'm working through an older version of what you can see on their site currently.

I've decided to re-start and make a fresh go at it and am currently somewhere around lesson 5.

As I'm working through the courses with the model provided, I'm also applying the methods to a character I'm rigging for a personal project I have in progress. On top of that, I'm trying to create python scripts for as much of the process as I can. So, progress might seem slow, but it'll all be worth it in the end!

Cartoony rigs are where my personal interests lie, so I'm hoping to get as much out of the course as possible. As always, Suchan's teaching and communication is top notch, and I'm enjoying the lessons. Hopefully have more to show soon, but for now here's a few quick examples of what I've covered so far:

Cartoony Spine: (note: default skinning, just to check functionality!)

FK/IK stretchy/bendy arm: (note: default skinning, just to check functionality!)

Personal further study: Arm auto rig:

Ribbon builder- in progress.

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