Prop Tool 2- FK

So I've given a go at creating a (slightly) more advanced Prop AutoRig.

This one creates a main Control and several FK controls for a specified chain, and links them up to the prop all in one click.

To use, the artist must create an FK chain, with the root at what will be the main piece of geo. In this example of a box with lid, the chain has 2 joints: with the root at the base of the box (the desired pivot point) and the child at the desired pivot point of the lid. The joint should be named "example_FK"

The pieces of geometry should be named in accordance with the corresponding joint eg- "Box" to match "Box_FK", "Lid" to match "Lid_FK".

Before pressing "Build Rig", the user selects the pieces of geometry, followed by the root joint.

After running, the result looks like the image above.

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