Puppeteer Lounge- Rigging Course 1

Over a year ago now I discovered the Puppeteer Lounge and decided to give their Introduction to Rigging course a go. Being self-taught at rigging (using the wonders of the internet and a few books!) I always felt that I had gaps in my knowledge, and so I wanted to start some professional training right from the bottom.

As I was working 2 jobs at the time, I opted for the offline course to allow me to work at my own pace and fit the classes in whenever I got some time. I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and although most of the process was familiar, I did learn a few things that I'd never covered on my own.


  1. Rigging a Bouncing Ball.

  2. Rigging a Simple Biped character.

After completing the course I decided to mess around with the Bouncing Ball set-up, and created a new rig using the squash and stretch technique the assignment had covered. That's when I created the first version of my Jellyfish Rig. My old rig demo can be seen on the webpage for the course here: http://puppeteerlounge.com/rigging-workshop.

I've since returned to this rig and given it a much needed update, which can be seen here:

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