My first steps into facial animation...

Hi folks, just a quick post here to gather some of the things I've found useful as I've started out in the wonderful World of facial animation. As you may know, I recently decided that it was time to move away from short freelance projects and properly focus on a specialism. Freelancing was great fun, and it gave me a chance to work across a wide range of projects, in a wide range of roles, but after 3 years as a junior it's time to really get my head down and develop as an artist in a focused role. With that considered, I got applying for jobs and I've been lucky enough to land a position working in an area of animation that I've always really enjoyed- Facial performance. Currently I'm a Junior Facial Animator, and am really enjoying the role so far. What I've learned about faces- and lip sync in particular- over the last few months has been invaluable to myself as an artist. Going forward as both an animator and rigger, I really feel that a facial specialism is a good fit.

Below are a couple of links (mostly for my reference) that have helped me out in getting started. I've also bought a few books that have been interesting reads so far- I'll make a new post about those once I get through them!

That's all folks!

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